School Education in India – A view

Most important requirement in India is the School Education for children. Often parents face a situation of sending children to schools and have a desire to get the best facility to be made available for their children. In turn they (parents) look at the outward ambience and view the opinions expressed by other parents in their neighborhood or consult their friends before admitting their children in the school.

We have compiled these views by talking to public / parents at random and from different locations and different times of the day.There is no method defined by the concerned authorities as to how a parent should go about selecting the school for their children.

Our result are not directed against any particular individual or institution. Government, from time to time has directed some guidelines to be followed by the schools while admitting the students in schools. Which ever be the affiliating Board, generally the parents only show anxiety and excitement while going to the schools.

We suggest, where learning takes place by doing should be the choice for your children.